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String-of-Bananas senecio-radicans

String-of-Bananas senecio-radicans


String of Bananas or String of Fishhooks (Senecio or Curio radicans) (Linné fil.): An all-star hanging plant. Its stems can hang over 3.0' long but in its native habitats through South Africa, Lesotho, and Namibia, C. radicans creeps along sandy, rocky soil, putting down roots wherever it can.

String of Bananas makes a great trailing component in arrangements and provides a nice contrast to the more common rosette-shaped succulents. Its long stems are lined with banana-shaped leaves, each of which has a translucent crescent or "leaf window" to let sunlight into the leaf interior. It usually blooms between October and December with pompom-like clusters of tiny white flowers that smell like cinnamon.

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